Walk-in Wardrobes

Wardrobe System Classic White

Classic White

After over forty years the Classic White ventilated shelving remains extremely popular. This style of wardrobe shelving is very flexible in its design as many components are made to fit as well as being very strong. Using this Classic system we can analyse what you need for each individual Wardrobe or Storage area, and design a custom solution just for you.

This shelving system has a range of accessories that really complement the Classic system. Particularly popular are our basket towers that can either feature three large drawers, or four large drawers and a medium drawer. These basket towers effectively provide the same functionality as sets of drawers, with the benefits of a wire system in terms of visibility and ventilation.


The, always popular Melrobe system offers amazing choice in design to suit your individual requirements. It offers a clean minimal look, and makes the most of any available light in an area often short on natural light.


This system offers the ability to build towers of shelves for folded garment storage in your wardrobe, or add banks of drawers to your wardrobe system, resulting in an extremely organized storage space that looks fantastic.

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