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A fully custom designed Garage storage system offers an amazing way to organise what can often be an under utilised or messy and cluttered space. If your garage is poorly organized, and you are not sure of where to start, then we can help. Your needs and available space will be assesed and a customised design created for your own needs. This really is a great way to turn an under utilised eyesore back into an extremely useful and functional storage space. IP checker . Let us show you how.

Our consultants can help to set out your space to make the absolute most of what is available, and your storage system can be manufactured specifically for your home environment in any colour of your choice.

This allows you to match or complement any colour in your home, and you can also opt to have the door fronts a different colour to the cabinets themselves. Our cabinet sizes can be changed to exactly suit your requirements; and of course you can add or subtract as many cabinets as you like.

The tall cabinets offer excellent storage for those awkward and bulky items like fishing rods, vacuum cleaners and dive gear.

The range of cabinets are complemented very well with our great range of tool hooks and power equipment hang-ups as shown.

The quality is evident, even featuring soft close hinges that close gently behind you as you walk away.

You are free to choose from our choice of handles, and as always our dealers are happy to provide a free no obligation design consultation.

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