Double Glazing In Otago


Most existing windows can take double glazing to create a warmer home with less condensation, reduced noise and still retaining existing window function and character.

There are several methods to achieve this with varying results, different methods suiting different houses.

CHP offers the following options.

  • Retrofit Double Glazing  Of existing aluminium windows which involves removing glazing beads and opening sashes, along with the glass and replacing with new insulated glass panels , new glazing beads and new opening sashes, hinges and handles.


  • Glass Secondary Glazing  Lightly framed glass fitted in tracks on inside of existing windows.An economical option that works well with larger strip glazing.Doesn’t suit many domestic situations and is not as efficient as other options.


  • Insert Aluminium Joinery This involves leaving the existing timber outer frame and removing all glazed panels (Some or all internal vertical, horizontal mullions and transoms may also be removed)


There are many options ranging from very simple panels to heritage double hung windows that retain the original look and character.


  • Full Replacement  Windows and doors can be designed to transform your homes look or retain its character; installed with a foam air seal to the aluminium frames thermally broken frames and composite frames with timber on the inside of a thermally broken frame


  • We can advise on the many glazing options like Argon Gas, Low E glass, tinted glass and safety glazing.



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