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Turn Every Day Into A Good Day

A carefully planned and executed conservatory will bring warmth, light and a touch of elegance to your home ai??i?? all year round. It can draw sunlight into your home and open up outside views. A C.H.P conservatory can be small and functional or a spectacular architectural feature. Whichever way, your new conservatory will quickly become the focal point of the house ai??i?? an excellent family room, dining room or simply an inviting spot to curl up with a book and relax.


Our conservatories suit a wide variety of applications including:


Ai??ai??? Ai??Sun room Ai??Ai??ai??? Ai??Ai??Indoor / Outdoor living area Ai??Ai??ai??? Ai??Ai??Childrenai??i??s play room Ai??Ai??ai??? Ai??Ai??Ai??Spa room

Ai??ai??? Ai??Dining room Ai??Ai??ai??? Ai??Ai??Ai??Family room Ai??ai??? Ai??Ai??Covered deck Ai??ai??? Ai??Ai??Home office Ai??Ai??ai??? Ai??Ai??Ai??Porch screens

Ai??Ai??ai??? Ai??Covered entranceway Ai??Ai??ai??? Ai??Ai??Ai??Laundry / rear entrance Ai??Ai??ai??? Ai??Ai??Ai??Fitness room



With New Zealandai??i??s generally wet climate, a C.H.P conservatory will allow maximum use of additional land or decking to provide all year round enjoyment and enhance the value of your home. Whatever your design, we have the system to make it a reality.


Design Considerations

During the course of designing your ideal conservatory, there are a number of things for you to consider including:


Ai??ai??? Choice of doors – Sliding or stacker slider doors, bi-fold doors, French doors or traditional hinged doors opening inwards or outwards

Ai??ai??? Choice of windows ai??i?? Awning, casement, sliding or bi-fold

Ai??ai??? Use of all glass or a solid wall base

Ai??ai??? Timber deck or concrete slab

Ai??ai??? Security fittings ai??i?? Window and door hardware and alarms

Ai??ai??? Ventilation ai??i?? both passive ventilation and windows

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