Skylights, also know as roof lights, allow light and warmth into your home and are great for south facing rooms that receive little or no sunlight. Opening rooflights are ideal for ventilating bathrooms and attic bedrooms. Opening and Fixed rooflights come in standard sizes or are made to measure.

Elite roof lights are an elegant and practical solution for those rooms that usually see little or no sunlight and for rooms that have minimal external wall space (such as bathrooms)


Roof lights bring sunlit warmth and natural light to the darkest areas and are often used as a feature to the entranceway of a home. Whether you’re in the process of designing a new home, or would just like to brighten up a room in your existing home – roof lights can be added at any stage and are made to measure up to generous maximum limitations.

In order to reduce condensation, we strongly recommend the use of double-glazing with LowE u0026amp; Argon Glass. The use of Thermally Broken frame will also reduce condensation on the aluminium.


Roof lights offer a remarkable number of options.

They can be made any size, any colour and any glazing as long as safety glass is used.

They have manual or automatic opening options.

There are thermal and non-thermally broken frames to choose from.

To stop condensation there are thermally broken frames and the ultimate roof light would be this used with double glazing


Healthy Living

Any internal space with a glass roofed window will become very warm, making ventilation an important consideration. The many style variables mean each of these windows can include different opening options so that the amount of ventilation varies.


Energy efficiency

These windows are easily double glazed for comfortable living and long term energy savings.


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