Security & Insect Doors


CHP’s range of attractive Insect Doors and Windows can be used to protect most home situations, keeping those unwanted bugs outside while you relax inside. CHP’s range of small aperture mesh keeps out the majority of insects.

Security doors

Security doors are the safe way to secure your home from uninvited visitors while giving you the control of who enters and who doesn’t. Security doors and roller shutters provide the piece of mind night and day, when you are home or away. They fit discretely into any door or window frame, hinged, sliding or fixed.

Insect Screens

All Amplimesh Doors and Window Barriers include one of our range of insect screens. Whether it is one of our standard fibreglass or aluminium screens or one of our specialty Lookout or Microtech screens there will be one to suit your application.

Microtech is made from a single piece of aluminium and is the long lasting answer to the thrashing and bashing of everyday life. Recommended where pets or small children have access to your security door.


Lookout is especially designed to see out, with nobody getting a look-in. The ability to see visitors before you open the door increases safety leaving you in control of the situation.


Special Amplimesh Security 3 Point Locking System

Patented Design

Proven Strength

GTD Workmanshiplattice


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