Internal Doors


We have a large range of internal doors all made to fit as required with many different style available

Cavity sliders (wall hung u0026amp; in side wall), Self closing Designer doors, Mirrored Framed u0026amp; Framless, Glass Paint finish panel Aluminium powder coated panel, Top hung u0026amp; bottom rolling, Automatic doors


Space Management

When dividing areas there as a number of options from hinged, sliding units to complete walling systems. Many of which include framed and unframed options

Because there is no clearance to be taken into consideration, sliding and stacker doors are excellent space savers internally and externally. Neither do they catch the wind and slam shut.

The doors can be recessed flush with the floor, so that there is nothing to step over, but consideration for this must be taken during planning.



Most units can have their appearance enhanced with vision rails, colonial, federation bars or manifestations.

Opening windows can be included into the many units as well as fixed panels.



The Albany lock is standard equipment for these ever practical doors and they can be colour matched. But doors can be fitted with awide range of stylish hardware.



There can be specifically designed with anti lift locks to prevent panels being removed. or doors opened



There are a wide range of glazing options available including obscure glass to allow light entry while maintaining privacy, and double glazing for thermal control.

Glazing must comply to the Building Codes and there are regulations dictating where safety glass must be used. For instance a full glass panel will require safety glass.

Internal Sliding Partition


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