French Doors


Hinged doors include front entry doors, back doors and French doors. They can open into the house or out, whichever is required.


Colonial or federation bars can change the appearance of a home towards the traditional with this feature.

Top and Bottom Rails: Found at the top and bottom of the door panel, these rails can either be narrow or wide depending on the desire for a chunky or slim line look.


Healthy Living

Vision Rails, are a safety feature for doors that would otherwise have a full glass panel, they can have the height altered to align with adjoining windows. The width of the Vision Rails can be narrow or wide depending on handle or lock placements.



There are a wide range of glazing options available including obscure glass to allow light entry while maintaining privacy, and double glazing for thermal control.

Glazing must comply to the Building Codes and there are regulations dictating where safety glass must be used. For instance a full glass panel will require safety glass.



Hardware can either come in standard black or powder coated to match the joinery.

Commonly, handles are placed in the side rail, using lever action. Cylindrical door knobs are often placed in the vision rail.

Parliament Hinges mean French doors can be opened 180A?, even with a protruding cladding, removing the doors from harms way.


Energy efficiency

These windows are easily double glazed for comfortable living and long term energy savings.


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